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Ingredients in Jack3d: Intense Training Aid Enhanced with BioCRE
-Creatine (monohydrate AND BioCRE™ anhydrous!)
-L-Citrulline amino acid
-Carnosyn™ Beta Alanine is a patented version of the beta amino acid Beta Alanine. This ingredient may cause a skin tingle in some users, which subsides after a few minutes. Many individuals love this feeling as it gets them hyped for their workout.
-Caffeine is included at 135 mg per scoop. Therefore, a two scoop maximum serving size has 270 mg of caffeine.
-Schisandra Chinensis is native to the Russian Far East and parts of China. 
-Rhodiola Rosea is part of the Crassulaceae family and grows in high altitude cold regions of the world. It is considered an adaptogenic herb.
-Pinus Pinaster, also known as the cluster pine or maritime pine, is native to the Mediterranean region. 

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